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Hey guys! I'm glad you visited my website. It's about my dream traveling to Russia. Here I upload my blog (about things happened the days) and of course I publish things about Russia I learned. This website is written in two languages: German and English. But on my sitebar you can choose other languages, so you don't have to read everything in English or German. I'm also interested in other countries like Prussia, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Japan and so on. Feel free to leave a message in my guestbook. Everyone is welcome here!




News & Forum

Here you can find all the news of this website. There's a forum to read and learn more informations about the website and updates.





This is my blog. There you can read about my life, thoughts and adventures. I write my progresses with Russia, what I do in the psychiatry and so on. 




About me

That's my basic information about myself with photos, my favorite music and my personal describtion.





Here are many informations about my beloved country Russia. I wrote everything on my own so please don't copy these texts.





I really love traveling! But I have not so much money. But here you can see the photos I made on my little journeys. Please don't use the photos, I made them on my own!





I don't like reading very much, but I love history books and learning about Russia and other things. So I'm reading just non-fictional books. If you are interessted in Russia you're right here!





This topic has nothing to do with Russia. It's about my favorite music and movies I watched. If you need a good horror movie because you're bored, you should look here. 

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